Mars 500

Mars 500 is the name of an experiment on the ground which simulates a flight to Mars operated by man. The facility is located in Moscow, Russia, at IBMP. There are three stages of the experiment, totalizing 640 days. Each stage simulates the life and work of a volunteer crew at the board of a mockup spacecraft. There is limited communication with the outside world, with 20 minutes delay simulation. There is also limited consumables supply on-board of the spacecraft.

Experiment stages

mars500 The experiment started on November 15 2007 and the first stage lasted for 15 days. It was meant to test the facilities, technical equipment and the operating procedures.

The second stage lasted longer, 105 days and started on the 31st of March 2009. During this period, 6 volunteers lived in the isolated complex.

The last stage and the longest of the experiment started in 2010, on June 3 and it is supposed to end after 520 days.

The experiment’s purpose

  • Organizing the crew’s activity and the communication with the control center on ground congruent with the peculiarities of Martian flight
  • Verifying the control and monitoring means and methods in the habitat in confined and pressurized conditions during the long stay of the crew
  • Simulating the crew’s activity on Mars surfaces and the fight operations
  • Verifying the methods of diagnostics, control and forecast of health state and capacity of work, improving the means of medical assistance and prophylaxis
  • Creating a system for reference-information and for transferring and keeping the electronic information
  • Approving the use of Sociomapping method for autonomous psychological support

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